The Call is Missional

The Call is about Mission. The Mission is the goal, the objective. It is the reason why we exist and it helps focus and define what we do, and how we do it. For a church, Mission is what drives ministries, programs, finances, and culture.
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The Call is Fundamental

Every great team usually becomes great by doing certain basic things over and over until those basic things just become a part of who they are. They learn to do them exceptionally well, and they learn to do them together. They are the fundamentals. A church is a team, and these are the fundamentals.
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    We Are Called To Grow
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    We Are Called To Recover & Restore
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    We Are Called to Nurture
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    We Are Called To Be One
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    We Are Called To Plan
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    We Are Called To Order
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    We Are Called To Serve
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    We Are Called To Share

The Call is Functional

It is how we function. It is what we do, and it is how we do it. It is who we are. We didn't create The Call, we are just committed to answering it.

We Are Called...

To Grow

Together we are aggressively pursuing relationships with God that Grow.
Fundamental Function 1

To Recover & Restore

We are vigilant in our pursuit of those who have wandered away from God.
Fundamental Function 2

To Nurture

We embrace the privilige to welcome new friends into our fellowship, and we celebrate.
Fundamental Function 3

To Be One

We are committed to demolishing everything that threatens our unity in Christ.
Fundamental Function 4

To Plan

We work with ridiculously over-the-top intentionality.
Fundamental Function 5

To Order

We meticulously pursue right pieces in right places.
Fundamental Function 6

To Serve

We graciously meet needs in our community serving all with dignity and class.
Fundamental Function 7

To Share

We are falling deeply, madly, and passionately in love with God, and can't keep it to ourselves.
Fundamental Function 8


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