Called To GROW

The Call To GROW is the work of digging deep into God's Word through studying together, and reaching up into God's presence through praying and worshiping together.
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It's Fundamental

Growing is a fundamental VALUE of Christianity. Day by day, learning more, growing stronger, knowing God better than the day before. A Christian who isn't growing, is dying.
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It's Functional

This Call is about more than just words. It's a part of our mission. We put it into action. The RESOURCE sections below describes some of the ways that the First University and Thonotosassa Seventh-day Adventist churches are making The Call to GROW functional by putting our values into action.
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Of the Bible & SOP
Applied To The Life

Functional Resources

- Sabbath School Lessons
- Bible College
- Amazing Facts
- Discover Bible School
- Online Devotionals
- E. G. White Devotional Books
- Bible Commentaries
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That is Consistent, Persistent, & Real

Functional Resources

- Online Daily Devotional
- Prayer Journaling
- Resource 3
- Resource 4
- Resource 5
- Resource 6
- Resource 7
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That Is Authentic, Inspiring, & Holy

Functional Resources

- Worship Journaling
- Resource 2
- Resource 3
- Resource 4
- Resource 5
- Resource 6
- Resource 7
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In Study, Prayer & Worship

Functional Resources

- Sabbath School Classes
- Bible College Sessions
- Sabbath Worship
- First Fridays
- Friday Night Bible Study with Elder Wilson
- Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting
- Midnight Cry Prayer Groups
- Telephone Prayer Line

IDEAS! - Pastor Paul Wants To Hear Yours...

Have some ideas on how your church can GROW? Do you have a creative concept to share about how to get your church Studying more, Praying more, Worshiping more or doing those things Together more?

Share & Discuss them here.