Some Thoughts on the George Zimmerman/Travon Martin Trial.

So “Georgie,” (a ‘la juror B-37) is free. Found “Not Guilty” of either 2nd degree murder or of manslaughter for shooting to death the unarmed 17 year old Trayvon Martin after admitting that he followed him on a dark rainy night because he looked like he was up to no good by walking on a side walk in a gated community talking on a cell phone carrying with him the well known sinister tools of crime and mayhem, Skittles & tea.

Not guilty. Sure, sure, I get the whole “guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, plus prosecutory suckination in a state already suffering from electile dysfunction” thing. But I was still stunned. Not guilty. I didn’t really know what to think or how to feel. My social media feeds, populated mainly by fellow Christians burst into an immediate uproar revealing feelings of outrage, pain, disbelief, and despair.

One of the recurring themes in many posts was the idea that injustice has always existed, and always will, but one day every one will have to answer to a higher power. TNT’s Kenny The Jet Smith tweeted: “Not Guilty! You will still have to answer to a higher authority as we all do! You better have a case.” Other comments suggested the same, yet seemed to carry the overtone of an ultimate Divine vengeance and retribution in the next life that would make up for missed opportunities in this one.

Christians believe that there will be another court where God will sit as judge; the God who sees all, and knows all. Nothing will be overlooked. No jury will be prejudiced by race, language, or creed, and the law by which George Zimmerman will be judged will be one deemed by even it’s greatest opponents and it’s most prolific offenders as being fair and just. The evidence presented in the case will tell the whole story and the whole truth about the story. There will be no missing 4½ minutes left unaccounted for that will force jurors to speculate about what really happened. The witnesses will be honest, accurate, clear, concise, and above reproach. The prosecution’s case will be ridiculously tight, exposing even motives and intentions, while the defense will be honest and gimmick-free.

The verdict in this trial will in every conceivable way so fully and accurately serve justice that every knee will bow to the Judge in homage to His pure awesomeness as Judge.

So this morning I had to ask myself, in this ultimate Trial of the Ages, would some of us be just as mad, offended, and outraged, if George Zimmerman is once again found, “Not Guilty?” Would I be angered that grace and mercy overtook and overpowered my notion of justice to acquit a guilty man? Would I have issues with living in the same City as Mr. Zimmerman? I hope not. Why? Because one day I will stand in this same trial, and I already know I’m not innocent. …I am Georgie.

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